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There is a great article about a stamp art show currently on exhibit at the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative. The show is titled The Stamp Art and Postal History of Michael Thompson and Michael Hernandez de Luna it is an evocative show that questions the limits of art in an everyday context. "We see them each and every day. Can they be art? You could sit in prison quite a while for using one. Can that be art? They're small and often elegant; they sneak up on the unsuspecting; they anger and deflate; satisfy and satirize. It might just well be art...Keep reading...Both artists in this show have had their skirmishes with authority: bogus stamps may not be used as governmental post; nor can matter deemed indecent be placed on a mailing envelope; nor can letters pass with unpaid postage. In this exhibition at the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative there are examples of all of these. As the printmakers themselves observe, that such stamps have indeed passed, often across international borders, is a testimony to their skill as art. The artists' sleight of hand has often masked the outrageous and absurd, as well as dangerous critiques. The gallery walls are filled with framed sets as document; sets displaying each full, printed sheet... minus a corner of stamps which reappear upon an envelope, successfully mailed, and with cancellation. Thompson's work is represented by 17 framed ensembles. Michael Hernandez de Luna has six such mounted ensembles, in frame and under glass; secure, and now exempt by the statues of limitations: collector's items. Many did get lost, or confiscated, or perhaps reside in the private collections of civil functionaries all about the world. The project continued on. What was all the fuss about?" I thought this might be a nice complement to Michelle's earlier post about post card art...enjoy...Cody out.

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