Photo Safari: NYC

Well, boys and girls, the Commander is back from his latest adventure. This time I ventured beyond the blogosphere and out in to the real world to rub elbows with the common folk (o.k. it was getting stuffy at command central). I traveled to that great Art Mecca called New York City in search of a few select gems for you blogophiles who never leave your smoky little computer spaces (I'm not the only one right?) to peruse at your leisure. I gotta tell you that although there are some of the greatest museums in the world in NYC; I was on a different kind of expedition beyond the standard art fare that the City has to offer. Keep reading...I went on a photo safari through the streets of the Big Apple in search of obscure and not so obscure architectural art scattered through out Manhattan. You can check out my latest acquisitions on my flickr page. I was amazed by the amount of really quality relief sculpture I found on buildings all over Mid-town. The chronology of the sculpture I shot spanned roughly from the turn of the century through Art Nouveau and Art Deco. There are a lot of great pieces in this set including some really great pictures of some of the polychrome reliefs around Rockefeller Center. Also included are pics of the American Natural History Museum and some of their collection, as well as some great shots of St. Patrick's Cathedral. Until our next sojourn...this is Commander Cody signing out.

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