Gustav Vigeland: Oslo Museum

Well, my fellow blogonaughts, I recently got a request via e-mail to bring to the attention of the Opinicus faithful a Norwegian artist by the name of Gustav Vigeland (1869-1943). Vigeland's work is very intense and very emotionally charged. Here is an excerpt from his bio page: "Conceptions of death recur in a number of his works from this period. Another important subject is the relationship between man and woman; his portrayals range from melancholy and desolation to deep affection and ecstasy of the embrace. Characteristics common to most of Vigeland's works of this period are the small format, the thin, almost skeleton-like figure style and the fluid modeling with little detail. It was to feeling, mood and expression that he attached the greatest importance." This one is really worth checking out...It is one of the most comprehensive sites on an artist's life and work I have ever seen. I highly recommend this sculptor for any artist looking for inspiration in the Blogospere...this is your intrepid Commander signing off. visit link

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