Ant Farm

Alright my fellow blogophiles, time for today's installment of the adventures of Commander Cody and the Blogosphere. We will venture deep into the archives of Art Forum and mine for inspiration amongst the flotsam and jetsom of fluff and filler for a special nugget of truth...or I'll just pick everything randomly and hope for the best. Ah let's needs a new pair of shoes...come on big money, big money...and the winner is...Ant Farm...ant farm? What the hell? [keep reading...]I know this piece! Its titled "Cadillac Ranch: The Restoration", 1974/2002, Amarillo, TX. Man, I had this buddy in high school that worked for this crazy old artist guy who paid this dude (Mike?) and his friends to do some of the weirdest shit in the middle of nowhere outside of Amarillo, TX. This must be the artist he was always talking about, but I digress from our current journey. Where was I? Oh yeah...Ant Farm. There is a current retrospective of the Ant Farm at Zentrum Fur Kunst Und Medientechnologie in Karlsruhe, Germany through July 24. The retrospective is described in context as follows: "Europe in the 1960s and '70s was a heady hodgepodge of radical utopian architectural groups such as Archigram, Utopie, and Superstudio. But the US had renegade architects Chip Lord, Doug Michels, and Curtis Schreier -aka Ant Farm. Deprived of a centuries-old architectural history to rebel against, the Ant Farmers integrated architecture with art, design, and video, all with a singular wittiness. This, their first museum retrospective, features over two hundred components dating from 1968 to 1978, including blueprints, architectural models, collages, video, and sculpture." I've always really like this piece it combines ,for me at least, the whole notion of Future-Primitive. The idea that technology can in some way be blended with a more primal understanding of the universe. That we as human beings in the 21st century are really physiologically and spiritually the same beings as we were 250,000 years ago. Only now we have the added confusion of technology competing with primal instincts. Again I digress...This piece of art has the same sort of mystical presence as Stone Henge or Easter Island even if it is just a bunch of caddies buried nose down in Amarillo, TX.

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