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666 MPH

Bong-Ra meets the Bikini Bandits in this video.

Seven Nation Army

Jack White 'honoured' at Italian football tribute. Fans of the Italian national team have adopted the White Stripes' "Seven Nation Army" as their unofficial second anthem after winning this years World Cup.


Fifteen years later, the cast and crew of Slacker discuss the experience of making the film at

Vespa Pin-up Ads

These Vespa ads from the 50s and 60s feature photographs with awkward poses and pin-up art from unknown artists. visit link via

I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself

link to new White Stripes video: Stream RealPlayer | YouTube

Home Movie: An American Folk Art

In 1974, as part of the Family Folklore Program of the Festival of American Folklife, the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., put out a call for families to bring in their home movies and have portions of them copied for a documentary film. More than 100 families responded to the call, bringing in 16 mm and 8mm home movies, as well as photo albums. The result was the documentary, Home Movie: An American Folk Art by Ernst Star, then a student in the film department at Temple University, and Steve Zeitlin, a student in the Department of Folklore and Folklife at the University of Pennsylvania.

Real World Golf

Gametrak is a patented 3D motion tracking system, for Xbox and PlayStation2 computer entertainment system, which is able to track, to 1mm of accuracy, a position in 3D space - at up to 2000 miles per hour!

This allows the system to track not just the speed you hit the ball, but the angle of your club face, the height of your swing - in fact, everything you can do in real golf can be done in Real World Golf.

For example, you can open and close the club face to fade or draw the ball - curving it from left to right or vice versa. Coming under the ball will add backspin, useful for stopping the ball on the green.
Real World Golf homepage

Studs Terkel on the Daily Show

Jon Stewart interviewed Studs Terkel on the Daily Show last night. watch the video

The "B" Side

The "B" Side is a celebration of the flip side. A blog dedicated to the little brothers and sisters who have been obscured by their bigger A side siblings.

Vintage American Radios

This French website maintains an extensive collection of vintage American radios. link

Natalie Portman: Gangsta Rappa

SNL Digital Short

Say Brother

Early footage ('69) of Parliament Funkadelic. link

Flickr Photo Booth

A bar in SF has a photobooth that lets you have your picture taken and uploaded to flickr. When I first read about this, I thought you could upload the picture to your own photostream. Even though the pics go to the bar's photostream, it's a neat idea. visit photoset


Conceptual artist Liz Cohen converted a German Trabant into an El Camino Lowrider while converting her own body into a bikini car model's. nice work. visit link via wmmna

Oh Sailor

for Fiona Apple's new single Oh Sailor

Graffiti Hackers

"Text-message projectors. Paintball printers. Wall-crawling robots. The new crew of tech taggers makes a name for itself." Roundup of graffiti artists using technology to get up. visit link

Bliki Circus

The Kyoto sextet Bliki Circus blend traditional forms of music like klezmer and tango with synthesized sounds and liberal amounts of energy. Listen to Freylekhs courtesy of Mulatta Records.

Pecan Crazy Records

Pecan Crazy Records is home to fantastic bands like Attic Ted, Hopper, The Carnys and Zero Skills. Listen to MP3s and learn more about the bands. visit link


Bleed with Demonio! captured live at the Back Room-Austin, TX.
video / homepage

Talking Kinkster Doll

This figure comes ready for action, dressed in Kinky's black leather vest and cowboy hat, and of course, Kinky's signature cigar never leaves his hand! With fully poseable arms for gesturing and telling corrupt career polititians where to go, the Kinky Friedman Talking Action Figure is sure to become a classic collectible.
visit link

Pac-Man Controller

These Pac-Man themed controllers are made using real arcade style joysticks and buttons. visit link via kotaku

White Stripes on KCRW

Watch Meg and Jack perform songs from their new album on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic. visit link (RealPlayer)

Attic Ted

Listen to Oh No and Bob Long by Attic Ted courtesy of KVRX.

Bill Ward

The pin-up art of Bill Ward courtesy of the Pin-Up Files. visit link

Happy Halloween

Post Secret Book

We blogged about Post Secret back in June. The book version is now available.


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New Wave 7" Sleeves

Endless groove has an amazing gallery of New Wave 7" jackets from '76-'87. visit gallery [via we make money not art]

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